Ah, another new set of Magic is upon us, WORLDWAKE! To celebrate we'll be having a release party on Friday, February 5th starting at 6:00pm. This will be a sealed deck tournament where the entry fee is $30, this gets you 6 packs. There will be plenty of promos and cool prizes to go along to the winners so make sure you come by. We'll have plenty of boxes and intro packs for sale (I promise!). Please arrive on time!


In honor of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver we will be holding a similar competition on Saturday, February 20th - the first ever CBJ Comic Olympics! What the hell am I talking about? What kind of crazy idea is this now? Let me tell you. On that day we'll be hosting a variety of different comic themed competitions and events such as Long Box Lifting, Issue Sorting, Bag & Board Time Trial and many more! Prizes will be given out to winners and participants! Contestants will hail from places like Krypton, Latveria and other far off worlds! If you're interested please RSVP with us at the store or via e-mail. We'll have more information on this event over the next week so keep it right here for more info to come.


Starting on Monday, February 8th, Socko Jones will be hosting Monday Night Movies down at the Cargo Cafe! This will take place place the second Monday of every month. The first movie you ask? Creep Show! The event starts @ 10PM. The Cargo Cafe is a great place for food and drinks (located at 120 Bay Street) and if you've got your secret society membership card the first drink is on the house! Don't miss it!


This is going to be one for the ages folks so make sure you don't miss it! Choker is sure to be one of the hottest books of the year and we are extremely proud to announce that we will be hosting both writer Ben McCool and artist Ben Templesmith for a signing and release party on the date of the book's release on Wednesday, February 24th! This is Ben McCool's comic writing debut and, of course, you all know Ben Templesmith who is known for his works on 30 Days of Night, Wormwood, Fell, Welcome to Hoxford and Dead Space just to name a few. They'll be here signing all day and this will be followed by an after party with the serving of drinks and an in store performance by none other than Captain Ahab & the Sea Crackens! Click on the picture below for more info on Choker! P.S - I've read an advance copy of the first issue and it's amazing! Be sure to check out the preview in the next issue of Walking Dead!


The February fun doesn't end! On Saturday, Febraury 27th we'll be hosting the fine folks at Alterna Comics for their anniversary, showcasing their many varied artists and writers. You'll see some old and new faces on this list and we're happy to have them all down for the event. Come down and try something new and support the lifeblood of the comics industry! Here's the complete list of creators:

  • Mike Bracco (Adam Wreck, Birth, Novo)
  • Mike Czerniawski (The Big Bad Book)
  • Nik Jajic (The Big Bad Book)
  • Stephen Lindsay (Jesus Hates Zombies)
  • Jeff McComsey (American Terror)
  • Peter Simeti (The Chair, Polly & Handgraves, Risers)
They'll be here stocked to the gills with all Alterna titles as well as original clothing and other goodies for you all the enjoy! This will be an all day event so feel free to come down at any point during the day to talk comics, pick up some great books, get em signed and pick up a sketch from the good boys at Alterna Comics!


Starting in March we will be hosting Friday Night Magic events! FNM will be draft format with the entry fee being 3 packs. Registration will begin at 4:00pm every week. We will have tons of prizes for the winners and door prizes for everyone including special promos, packs, etc. Players will also be able to vote on what sets we will draft. Make sure you don't miss it! A specific date will be set soon, keep on the lookout for upcoming information!


Alright, the rental program is finally in full force! We here at Comic Book Jones are now giving you the option of renting graphic novels and trade paperbacks. It's a very simple system and we hope that you become a part of it and help it grow into something great. This is meant as a way to get you into books you wouldn't normally read, try stuff before you buy and/or catch up on a series you might be behind on.

Here's the breakdown of how it all works. All you have to do is pay $20 to join. With your initial membership you receive 10 points. All rentable books have a point value assigned to them depending on their monetary value. All rentals are for 3 days. When you've used up all your points you can buy more. The more points you buy at once, the more points you'll get for your money.

If you find that you like a book so much that you have to buy it, get a load of this - the cost of the rental will be deducted from a BRAND NEW COPY! How awesome is that? In addition, if you have any old trade paperbacks, graphic novels or collections you don't want just bring them in and you will receive points towards the rental program. As time goes on we'll have a large selection of books for you to rent so help yourself out by helping us and bring your old crummy books to the shop!


Taking place on Saturdays at 4:00 PM, come join us for our weekly Magic the Gathering tournaments. Play is open to all! If you don't know how to play come on by and we'll gladly teach you! Entry fees for the tournament consists of a purchase of a couple of booster packs or tournament/starter pack. If you're interested don't hesitate to come on down and join us.


Tuesday is Trivia Night! The rules are simple and it's a lot of fun. Come down to the store around 6:00 PM for the sign up and choose to play by yourself or with a team (there is no limit to the amount of players on a team). There is a $2 buy in per person, all of the money going to the winning team. At 7:00 PM we'll begin the first of five rounds, each round containing 10 questions. Questions will generally hover around comic, sci-fi, TV, movie and other related trivia. After each round, points will be tallied up by the Quiz Master for that day and then we'll move on to the next round. At the end of the fifth round a winner will be crowned trivia champion. It's a ton of fun and I promise you that if you come once you'll want to come each and every week.